Baltic blast: Episode I: Riga & Tallinn

Sterio bar

I touched down in Riga airport about 8pm feeling slightly better than death. I’d come down with something bad about a day earlier and my plan for tonight was simple. Cab. Hostel. Painkillers. Sleep. Then pray for good health in morning. It was a terribly dull plan for my first night in Latvia, but desperate … Continue reading

Brussels: One night Only

Delerium cafe

One whole day and night in Brussels is all I was going to be afforded. My main intention was Amsterdam but seeing that none of the budget airlines had any good deals to there, a taste of the Belgian capital – only 2 hours away from Amsterdam seemed like a worthy stop over. Plus I’ve … Continue reading

Bologna: Where the Italians eat Italian

Bologna skyline

For the ultimate culinary faux-paus in Emilia-Romagna, head to a Bolognese Trattoria and without so much as glancing at the menu – assertively ask the waiter for a plate of its famous Spaghetti. In turn you’ll be greeted by a face-palming look of disdain, frantically followed by a long practiced anecdote about how the dish … Continue reading

Cologne VS Dusseldorf

The Rhine

For some reason I had a positive image of Cologne built up in my mind. Maybe it was because I’d known several very attractive girls from there who’d all raved about what a fine place it was – though regrettably none of them were in town to show me why. It also seemed like a … Continue reading