The Euro top 8: Girls

1. Polish


The most western of the Slavic countries, Polish girls have all the benefits of the iconic Slavic girl combined with a far more educated point of view. Fair skin, delicate facial features and striking blue eyes are the stereotypical hallmarks of a Polish girl. While very sexy, they know it themselves all too well and won’t give any guy a chance with them unless he mans the fuck up. Like all Slavic girls, they believe in traditional gender roles, and expect you to be more chivalrous more than most Western girls would. Most speak excellent English, are immensely patriotic and have a strangely dry to dark sense of humour that can be outright confusing at first. They make it to number one on the basis that the sheer number of stunning Polish girls at both home and abroad is mind-blowing, almost always with an outstanding personality to match.

2. Lithuanian


Welcome to the land of the blondes. I haven’t been to Lithuania but from the elite core of guy travellers who’ve seen it all – this is the country blurted out in a reflex action to being questioned as to where the most stunning girls in Europe are. And based upon what I’ve seen of the girls abroad – it’s easy to know why. Lithuanians and Latvians aren’t Slavic – but Livonian: An extremely small European racial group that in its hundreds years of suffering from foreign occupation, invasion and general hardship (a common eastern European theme)has seemingly led to all the best genes rising to the top. Slim, platinum blondes come a dime a dozen here. They are cheeky, beautiful, enchanting and don’t play games. If they like you they’ll be all over you shamelessly with no holding back. If they don’t  – watch the fuck out for her brother or over-zealous guy friend come unofficial bodyguard. Lithuania and its capital Vilnius constantly top Europe’s crime violent statistics and the often hulking, inebriated Lithuanian men are very protective of their women.



3. Ukrainian


Take a Russian girl, make her more petite with darker hair and more delicate features and you have a typical Ukrainian girl. Outstandingly beautiful girls in Ukraine are so common that few girls can really take massive advantage of their looks. Combined with a generally impoverished society, this is one of the main reasons you’ll see supermodel quality girls with rich, ugly old men here more than perhaps anywhere else in the world. Even the ones that don’t fit the mould as gold diggers will expect the man to pay for everything. If you’re a cheap bastard you need to view this as a cultural thing since Feminism is non-existent here. Speaking Russian or Ukrainian will definitely improve your chances massively as most know no English or indeed any other western european language. Those that do however will be eager to converse and show off their language skills to you, which might just lead to them showing off another set of more interesting skills.



4. Swedish


What list of European beauties would be complete without giving the Swedish a fair calling? Ever since Abba came out, guys the world over have been left enchanted by these stereotypically tall, blonde, blue eyed Viking trophies. While there are plenty that meet this profile, Swedish girls can be quite the mix looks wise, though almost always in the best way possible. In general it’s easier to define them (and other Scandinavian women) by their common attitude rather than their looks  – that being one of total liberation. You almost get the feeling that it’s a masculine movement that’s needed in Sweden, far more than any feminine one ever was. This is why Swedish girls are so much fun to be around and earns them massive bonus points in conjunction with their existing beauty. It’s also important to add that I could have easily substituted this spot for Denmark, Norway or Iceland.

5. German


It’s no wonder the Germans were so full of themselves and their racial traits 70 years ago, as both the men and women are prone to taking on the most spectacular forms of their respective genders. Both also have a tendency to be shy though mentalities and accents do vary greatly from region to region in the land of chocolate, Audi and lederhosen. But the women do all share some common traits, including a propensity for sexual freakiness and adventure behind closed doors (and occasionally open ones) – especially the seemingly quiet, bespectacled ones.







6. Estonian


Bundled in with Latvia and Lithuania to make up the Baltic three, Estonia is the odd one out.  From a racial perspective it does belong in a group of three countries though – the others being Finland and Hungary, the so called Urdo-Finnic  people, a fact not so well known given the geographic nonsense of it all. Estonian women are rare by virtue of their tiny countries population – a mere 1.3 million. But it’s a classic case of quality over quantity. The women have distinctively soft facial features, a cute smile and outstanding figures. Platinum blonde is the default model. Combine this with fiery patriotism, a sharp wit, good English and an obscenely sexy accent and you have an unforgettable package.





7. Hungarian


Budapest is famous for two things depending on who you talk too: The best natural spring waters and geothermal baths, and the European capital of porn. And to be fair, both are quite phenomenal accomplishments when you consider the competition out there. But what’s indisputable is that the women are very high quality. Part of the elite 3 Urdo-Finnic club, the girls tend to be intelligent (though few speak good English), loyal, open, and of course, sizzling hot. They are much more traditional than their Finnish and Estonian counterparts, but it’s one of the things which makes them so endearing.







8. Russian


The Russian girls are very hard to pin down under any sort of common definition. Many girls are simultaneously proud of their origins on account of their legendary beauty, elegance and femininity, but are also quietly ashamed of their peers less desirable reputation (not undeserved) for gold digging, looniness, and retarded bimboism in general.  Indeed this group is split down the middle with plenty of crossover in between along with a million other randomly picked traits – a not unsurprising occurrence when you’re dealing with a country which is larger than most continents and planetary moons.  But there’s a certain X factor surrounding all Russians girls that makes them so exciting. That such astounding beauty can be forged from a country with such a violent history. And that beauty is not hard to find.


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