Lviv: The way Central Europe was

This is serious stuff. The doorman – if you could call him that –is dressed in full military garb, wielding a very real looking PPSh-41 sub machine gun and smoking a chunky cigar of 80’s action movie proportions. Slava Ukraini! (Glory to Ukraine) he barked at us. Luckily I was with 2 cute Ukrainian local … Continue reading

Transcarpathia Part #2: Reaching absolute zero

Today we would be going to Mukachevo – Or Munkács as Bernie defiantly calls it. Located about one hour away, we were going to wait for a bus until it was distilled that a cab ride would only cost a paltry 35 hryvnia. Mukachevo’s main attraction is a 14thCentury Hungarian castle perched atop the only hill in the … Continue reading

Transcarpathia Part #1: “One for connoisseurs”

This is the part of an article where I’d normally impart some existing convictions of the said area prior to visiting, but for Transcarpathia I’ve got nothing. I’m sure as hell you don’t either, other than the musing that the name sounds like something out of a B rated horror film or Borats Kazakhstan. The … Continue reading

Chernobyl: Walking in a nuclear winter wonderland (includes video)

Tell most people that you’ll be visiting Chernobyl and you’ll illicit a response of horror and disbelief. Tell a Ukrainian and you can multiply that reaction 100 fold. A trip to the site of the world’s worst nuclear accident is no walk in the park – unless of course you like your parks heavily irradiated, devoid … Continue reading

Prague: Czech Hedonism

  My arrival into Prague was without incident. I got off my Ryan air flight and into a small shuttle which took me directly to The Prague Square Hostel, a place which had been recommended to me by a friend. I’d been interested in seeing Prague for a long time. Its reputation for being a … Continue reading

Baltic blast: Episode I: Riga & Tallinn

Sterio bar

I touched down in Riga airport about 8pm feeling slightly better than death. I’d come down with something bad about a day earlier and my plan for tonight was simple. Cab. Hostel. Painkillers. Sleep. Then pray for good health in morning. It was a terribly dull plan for my first night in Latvia, but desperate … Continue reading

Brussels: One night Only

Delerium cafe

One whole day and night in Brussels is all I was going to be afforded. My main intention was Amsterdam but seeing that none of the budget airlines had any good deals to there, a taste of the Belgian capital – only 2 hours away from Amsterdam seemed like a worthy stop over. Plus I’ve … Continue reading

Cologne VS Dusseldorf

The Rhine

For some reason I had a positive image of Cologne built up in my mind. Maybe it was because I’d known several very attractive girls from there who’d all raved about what a fine place it was – though regrettably none of them were in town to show me why. It also seemed like a … Continue reading

Four beaches you’ve never heard of that KICK ASS


1. Blue Lagoon, Comino, Malta Malta. A beautiful archipelago south of Sicily with all the charm of the Mediterranean and all the benefits of Anglicization. It’s the main island of three which lends this tiny nation its name, also serving as the main attraction centre with  its famous fortress capital of Valletta, prehistoric megalithic temple … Continue reading

City Guide: Milano in a nutshell

Milano. Fashion and Glamour capital of Italy. On par with the Juggernauts of Paris, London and New York. Business epicenter of the Mediterranean. Italy at its most efficient and creative. Cosmopolitan and sexy. Backdrop to Il Duomo, the third largest cathedral in the world – and arguably the most outstanding of all.  It looks great … Continue reading